Setting the Scene is a complex project which comprises an exhibition, education and outreach, a professional symposium and a publication.

Many people have been involved in its successful delivery: Professor Simon Olding and staff at Crafts Study Centre and the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham; John Gillett, publication design and editing; Chris Belmonte, education coordination; Alex McEwan, education assistance; David Westwood, photography; Mark Watson, Pete Goodridge and Artworks, logistics; Philip Hughes and Ruthin Craft Centre, equipment loan; Danielle Arnaud, Helen Maurer work; Marsden Woo, Tony Hayward work; Hannah Facey, Peter Vacher, Nao Fukumoto, technical support; Richard Edwards and Stephanie Allen, Arts Council England, advice and financial support; Sara Roberts, exhibition curation.

The exhibition has received funding from Arts Council England; University for the Creative Arts; Crafts Study Centre; The Idlewild Trust. The Symposium has been supported by Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University.


2 thoughts on “thanks

  1. It was an enjoyable project to have been involved. Educational outreach programmes such as this are invaluable to the communities in which they are staged, and every effort should be made to reach as wide an audience as possible.
    Alex McEwan

  2. Thank you, Alex, for your valuable contribution. It was good to have your input for the U3A gallery tours; you had some interesting insights into the work and the fact that you had also worked with Tony Hayward on his workshops meant you could also speak about his work with some authority.

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