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Simone ten Hompel and Deborah Werbner: Panorama Talk, Rounding up Perspectives

(report on the Setting the Scene Symposium by Simone ten Hompel and Deborah Werbner)

Simone ten Hompel, maker, academic and winner of the 2005 Jerwood Prize in Metal and Deborah Werbner, maker and researcher, examined in more detail the terms landscape and setting and related these to making and craft.  References were also made to the text in the accompanying exhibition catalogue.  The terms Landscape and Setting were deconstructed and explained noting the human shaping of space.  Discussion ensued regarding our personal perceptions of landscape and how this manifests itself in making.  How do our childhood places impact our later ways of seeing and making?  How are sensory experiences –e.g. sounds- shifted into space, a phenomenon ten Hompel refers to as “sound shapes”.   Notions of transformation and representation were discussed, querying the role of the maker in this regard.