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Helen Carnac: Setting the Scene: A Changing View

(report on the Setting the Scene Symposium by Simone ten Hompel and Deborah Werbner)

Helen Carnac, a maker, curator and educator, revealed in photographs and text her working process of slowing down, wandering and collecting.   Her quotidian walks become a strategy where she gathers images and objects and talks to people in the space.  It is an unraveling of the people, things and places in her surrounding landscape, whereby each is connected to the other.  Unlike an exhibition space that is fixed, nothing is static in an environment.   Upon return to her studio, the objects that were once redundant take on something else.   She described them as “markers of time”, “compositions” and “thinking things”.  Her poetic descriptions illuminated the work found in the exhibition, a culmination of this working and thinking practice.