Stuart Cairns, Helen Carnac, Anne Gibbs, Tony Hayward, Simone ten Hompel, Mimi Joung, Helen Maurer, Rosa Nguyen, Paul Scott, Jonathan Wade

The exhibition comprises the work of ten practitioners working in different media and combinations of media: ceramic and metal; wood and paint; textile and plastics; found objects; light and glass; drawing and construction.  It includes makers such as Helen Carnac, who arranges found objects, offcuts, enamelled vessels and drawn elements into configurations evoking movement through the spaces of a mapped terrain, and Simone ten Hompel, who constructs a sense of the larger environment around small objects which still retain a sense of their utilitarian function. Although the emphasis is on craft makers, the exhibition also features fine artists Tony Hayward and Helen Maurer, whose engagement with landscape is actually highly depictive, but which nonetheless uses configurationas its principal means, deploying found objects or fragments in a seemingly casual way to create highly precise images of landscape.


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